The Biz



Love's Inner Armor is a social enterprise registered as a Canadian Corporation, founded July 28, 2017 whose mission it is to change the world through its actions. The Vision and Mission will be in discussion with an eventual Advisory Board then Board of Directors.

As I write this, the important elements, such as making decisions based on the triple bottom line - profits, people AND purpose - have been written into our Articles of Incorporation.

We are working hard to be a conscious business that thinks about all the details so you don't have to.



We envision a world where it is easy to make the right choices - where it is easy to do the right thing.

Where people want to come to work.

Where businesses are part of the community but also contribute to global development, poverty reduction and the advancement of Women without leaving our men behind.

Where we strive to make the best decisions for Mother Earth that we can and support organizations who are doing a great job do better instead of letting ourselves create yet more product lines.










Love’s Inner Armor Inc. is a social enterprise created to make it easy for individuals to make a difference in the world through their purchases.

We do so in a number of ways – 20% pre-tax profit to charitable organizations, making our items from an award-winning company and printing with eco-friendly ink, partnering with Fair Trade Federation members who also are clear on their mission – and many other ways.

The majority of our products are made to inspire people with messages of love, acceptance and emancipation. We believe that instead of going out and creating a new company with new products – we need to support those who are doing great work in this area. This will help companies who make a difference thrive, and will allow for eventual greater numbers to reduce costs for ethical and sustainable fashion.

We will spend our focus weaving together great products for the ethical consumer.

We believe we are the change.

Our choices and actions do make a difference.